Home styling Services

To help you sell your home fast and for the best price:

The costs involved in staging your home will be far less than the loss you will make on your 1st price reduction. (avg 4-7%)

How we can help you:

‘The price you pay for any staging advice and services will be far less than the loss you will suffer if it is not selling’

Our 6 step plan

Step One: De-clutter

I can help you make your home look spacious and appealing by maximising the space and flow throughout the home by moving or removing furniture.

Staging cleverly and effectively helps position your home above others in the same market.

Step Two: De-personalise

Think of your home now as a well-appointed hotel room: warm, clean and inviting. Minimal personal items remain behind to distract the buyer. We present the buyer with a neutral canvas on which to imagine their life.

The buyer needs to visualise themself in their new home.

Step Three: Clean Clean Clean

A sparkling clean home tells the buyer that the home has been well maintained and looked after. Subconsciously this affects the buyer - no one wants to move into a grubby, cramped space.

Step Four: Repair

A well maintained home in good condition is more attractive to a buyer.

A home with lots of repair work is discouraging to a prospective buyer as this means more work. They can lose interest and will more likely attempt to knock your selling price down.

Step Five: Decorate

Decorating can be as simple as rearranging or moving your furniture to create a more open looking space and better flow through the home.

A few new inexpensive accessories can also brighten and freshen up the rooms.

Step Six: Curb appeal

Everybody knows how important first impressions are. But not everybody knows that the "first impression" is only a seven second window.